Optifast Bars

Optifast VLCD Bars Berry Crunch 60g x 6  Optifast VLCD Bars Cappuchino 60g x 6  Optifast VLCD Bars Chocolate 60g x 6

Optifast Bars come in 3 flavours.

1)  Optifast VLCD Bars Berry Crunch 60g x 6
2)  Optifast VLCD Bars  Cappuchino 60g x 6
3) Optifast VLCD Bars Chocolate 60g x 6

Product Information This delicious and convenient chocolate bar is one of eleven products in the Optifast range. It is nutritionally complete, ready to eat and has a low GI.

Each pack contains 6 x 70g bars.

Optifast bars are convenient and ready to eat straight out of the box. One bar is equivalent to one meal on the Optifast program.

What is Optifast VLCD?
The Optifast program is a clinically proven, very low calorie diet recommended for the dietary management of obesity. It has been widely researched and successfully and safely used worldwide by millions of patients since 1974.

How does it work?
Optifast is incredibly simple. All food is replaced with the Optifast products, which are designed to restrict energy intake, whilst still maintaining healthy nutrition. Reducing calorie (energy) intake to below 800 calories (3448kJ) per day means the body starts to draw energy from its own fat stores instead of from food. Research has shown that very low calorie diets produce greater initial weight loss than other diets (926kg over 4-20 weeks).

What is involved?
In the early stages, Optifast is designed to totally replace normal food intake. As you start to lose weight, normal meals are then gradually re-introduced. There are 10 products in our range each of which contains carbohydrates, essential fatty acids and high quality protein (which helps preserve lean body mass). Each product contains all the daily nutrients, minerals and trace elements the body needs on a daily basis.